1. Inserting logos, Page Numbers, Date/Time for Report Headers and Footers
  2. User defined name for LNDatabase object and LNQuery object
  3. Inserting Summary for Reports
  4. Changing alternate color defined for Master Data Band
  5. Adding running total to charts
  6. Adding Running Total
  7. Setting maximum records while report design
  8. Sorting the values in your Grid report
  9. Formatting your reports
  10. Setting alternate colors for the rows in your report
  11. Creating bookmarks based on groups to easily navigate your report while previewing
  12. Viewing a report with just the documents you select




  1. Gaining quick access to the Formula of a computed column
  2. Combining multiple text fields to create a new column
  3. Creating custom filters
  4. Searching your report
  5. Setting different colors for your series chart
  6. Including hidden Views in your analysis model




  1. Drilling down charts in Dashboards
  2. Adding Dashboards of a database to Favorites
  3. Creating a Dashboard with widgets from 2 different databases
  4. Renaming a Dashboard Title
  5. Copying widget as an image
  6. Refreshing Dashboards in scheduled basis
  7. Renaming a Widget Layout
  8. Setting same scale for both Ys in a Dual Y-axis chart
  9. Viewing & exploring underlying widget data
  10. Animating your Charts!
  11. Deleting a widget layout
  12. Knowing the who's & when's of your widget
  13. Collaborating with your widgets
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