- Standard Reports  


  1. Creating bookmarks based on groups to navigate your report while previewing
  2. Changing the background color of a report
  3. Applying Page Break - Right click option
  4. Numbering your data
  5. Setting maximum reports while designing reports
  6. Conditional Highlighting
  7. Applying a format of one field to another field
  8. Adding a URL link to a text field
  9. Setting database connection to online mode
  10. Restricting the number of rows returned to the report during design time
  11. Computing a new column with calculated data from already existing columns within the report
  12. Setting alternate colors for the rows in your report
  13. Changing the Background Color of your Report
  14. Grouping data during design-time
  15. Aligning report objects
  16. Rotating text objects


- Analysis Reports  


  1. Moving the text automatically to next line
  2. Getting the Sequence Number (Row Number) for the generated report
  3. Applying caption for summary calculations in footer
  4. Saving data only
  5. Grouping by range for a column
  6. Calculating Summary for column footer
  7. Sorting a grouped column
  8. Conditional Formatting a column
  9. Renaming a tab
  10. Formatting a column with currency information
  11. Adding a new band
  12. Changing your report title
  13. Grouping your report by year, quarter, month or week!
  14. Combining multiple text fields to create a new column
  15. Creating custom filters
  16. Aligning fields in a column


- Dashboard Reports  


  1. Showing Widget Toolbar
  2. Deleting a Widget
  3. Customizing marks & labels for the chart
  4. Renaming widget title
  5. Connecting null data
  6. Renaming a Widget Layout
  7. Enabling animation in charts
  8. Adding comments to a widget
  9. Copying a widget as an image
  10. Exploring underlying widget data
  11. Adding Dashboard Level Filters
  12. Animating your Charts!
  13. Deleting a widget layout
  14. Knowing the who's & when's of your widget
  15. Collaborating with your widgets
  16. Interacting on a Cached Report & reducing impact on the database server
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